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Household Information

Tell us a little about your family and household.
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Please list the name, age, relationship to you, and occupation of everyone in the household.
If you live alone, you may leave this question blank. If your application is approved to move on to a home visit, we require all residents of the home to be present at the time of the home visit.
Please select which type of housing best describes your home: *
 Single family home 
 Multiple family home 
If "other", please explain.
Do you own or rent your home? *
If you rent or lease your home, or it is owned by someone other than yourself please provide the name of your landlord or association along with their telephone number.
We will contact your landlord or association to inquire about dog ownership rules and preferences prior to processing your application.
Does your landlord or association have any dog size or breed specific rules?
If yes, please explain what the rules pertain to (weight, height, breed, etc)
Does your yard have a fence? *
Please note that lack of a fence or yard does not automatically disqualify you from adoption.
If you have a fence, what type of fence is it?
If "other", please describe.
What is the approximate height of your fence?
Measurement in feet.
Does your town or municipality have any breed specific legislation? *
If yes, please explain what the legislation pertains to (breed, handling, etc):

Dog Ownership Experience

Tell us a little about your experience owning and living with dogs.
Do you or have you ever owned a dog before where you were the primary care guardian? *
A primary care guardian is defined as the person in charge of buying food, providing vet care, and the legal owner of a dog.
If you currently have a dog or dogs, are they spayed or neutered?
Please list your dogs by name, breed, age, and if they are spayed/neutered.
If you do not currently have a dog, but did previously, please explain the circumstance (died of old age or disease - please note age, gave to family/friend, ran away, etc)
Where did you acquire your current or previous dogs?
Shelter, breeder, family, etc.
If you own other types of animals, please tell us what types:
 Small & Furries(Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, etc) 
 Horses, sheep, or other farm animals 
How many of each, if so?
Are your current animals up to date on vaccines or titers, regularly seen by a veterinarian and/or on heartworm preventative if applicable? *
If you answered "yes, some of them" please explain why certain animals are not up to date or seen by a veterinarian:
Please list your veterinarian's name and phone number - if you do not have a veterinarian please list one you believe you may use:
RAB will only contact your veterinarian for a reference with your permission.

Adoption Questions

Tell us a little about who you want to adopt and what their life would be like.
What age of dog are you interested in? *
 Any, I just want a dog that fits my family 
 Puppy (6 months or less) 
 Adolescent (6-12 months) 
 Adult (12 months and older) 
 Senior!! (karma points) 
What sex do you prefer? *
Do you prefer spayed or neutered? *
Have you ever owned a bully breed dog before? *
Please note this answer does not qualify or disqualify you from adoption.
If yes, what type?
Is there a particular RAB pup that you are interested in?

Choice #1
Choice #2 *
Choice #3 *
Due to the large volume of applicants for individual pups, we can't guarantee that your first choice pup will be available. We process applications as they are received. Our goal is to make the best possible matches with applicants and our pups. We encourage you to list any other pups that you may be interested in adopting.
Please list any additional requirements you have for a dog:
(color, weight, size, etc)
Will this dog be used to guard a property? *
If yes, please describe:
Where will this dog be living? *
If you selected outdoors, please describe the shelter provided for the animal:
Where will your dog be kept when home alone? *
crate, kitchen, garage, pup run, kennel etc.
How will you exercise the pup? *
 Play outside in fenced area, supervised 
 Leash walks 
 Dog park 
 Play outside in unfenced area, supervised 
What is your dog park experience? Good, bad? Tell us about it. *
Where will the pup sleep at night? *
 Dog bed in bedroom, loose 
 Dog house, outside, or garage 
 Kitchen or other nonbedroom space 
Who will care for the pup during absences and vacations? *
Who will be the primary caregiver for this dog? *
How will the dog be transported to and from places? *
truckbed, crate, backseat, seatbelted, etc.
Have you ever taken a pup to a dog trainer or obedience classes? *
If yes, please describe the experience (valuable, not valuable, type of training, etc)
Are you willing to take the RAB pup to a professional dog trainer or obedience class? *
Are you willing to housetrain a pup? *
If you are willing to housetrain a dog, please describe the method you will use:
Do you know what heartworm disease is and if so, how it is prevented? *
How far are you willing to drive to pick up your new pup? *
If you can not or are not willing to drive to get your new pup, are you willing to help defray the cost of transport? *
Your new RAB pup jumps on houseguests, how do you train him to not do that? *
Please describe the method in detail.
Your new RAB pup chews on your favorite pair of shoes, how do you train him not to do that? *
Please describe the method in detail.
What behaviors from a pup do you consider "unacceptable"? *
 Aggression towards strangers 
 Resource guarding(food, toys) 
 Pulling on leash 
 Dog aggression 
 Aggression towards family members 
 Aggression towards other animals in the house 
Please describe how you would address the behaviors you marked above, in detail. *
"Rehome", "hire a trainer", etc
What justifies rehoming a dog? *
Moving, financial hardship, etc.
The Rescue-a-Bull Adoption Contract requires that if at any point you can no longer keep your dog during its life, that you must return it to RAB. In the event that you can no longer keep your dog, do you agree to return him/her to RAB? *
What justifies putting an animal to sleep? *

Last but not least...

Tell us a little about why you are interested in owning a bully breed dog! *

We may contact you to complete any unanswered responses, as well as clarify your responses further. Please check your email regularly (including your spam folder) for communications from us.
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